In Thai, SRANN is a poetic word which means ‘being happy’.

We chose this name because we are very happy to make our products and hope to make our employees, farmers and customers happy also.

We are a family business, producing cold process handmade soap and natural skincare from local ingredients – rainwater, cold pressed oils and homegrown herbs. These have many natural healing properties that are more beneficial than the chemicals used in most commercial soaps.

The vegetable oils help to moisturise the skin and the Thai herbs, renowned for their use in spa treatments around the world, give the skin a natural, healthy glow.The province of Phrae, where we make our soap, is very special to us because it is one of the few places where we can find fresh, clean rainwater in Thailand. Rainwater is the purest form of water and it creates a natural lather, usually not possible with other herbal soaps.

We are proud to say that our soap does not cause any harm to the environment. Because there are no chemicals involved in the soap making process, the byproducts do not contaminate the water supply. We also do not test on animals. We try all of our products at home first to make sure they are good for the whole family. Then we know they will be good for you too.

We support local people to grow herbs for us using natural methods. This shows them that they can easily create high quality ingredients in their own garden, without the use of chemicals. We are happy that this helps them appreciate the richness of their land.

SRANN was founded in 2012 and we started selling worldwide in 2013. In the future, we intend to open a larger workshop and train women in rural areas to make soap for us. This will enable them to feed their families without having to leave their homes to find work whilst we can provide natural soap which is affordable for everyone.