• What ingredients do you use to make your soaps? We use only rainwater, lye, and vegetable oils for our basic soaps. Herbs and essential oils will be added in herbal and scented soaps. Lye (sodium hydroxide) is the only inedible ingredient we have to add to complete the saponification process (a process that produces soap http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saponification). Anyway, lye will not affect your skin because we keep our soaps with us for 4 weeks, until the saponification process has been completed and all the lye is converted into soap.

  • Do they smell good? Yes, in a natural way they do. We do not add any fragrance that could make your skin dry and irritating. For some types of soap (Bamboo Grass Soap and Lavender Soap for example) we add some natural essential oils to make them smell better.

  • Where are your products made? Now we manufacture them in Phrae, a small province in the north of Thailand.

  • Do you test on animals? No. We test on ourselves and our family members only .

  • How long will the products last? Our products are preservative-free. They will last approx. 1 year on the shelf. After using a bar of soap, it will last approx. 3 months in your bathroom if you keep it away from soaking in the water. Anyway please do not worry about the three-month period, because you will love to use it every day and finish a bar within a month!